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Sunflowers Hem Skirt

Swedish native Sophie Mörner and her friends took a day-trip to a park, setting up camp in the woods. Mörner captured the above photo early in the morning, her sleepers made up of friends, acquaintances and a few strangers all basking in the glow of the warming sun. The colors and composition become a painterly tableau, Mörner’s subjects lounging and oblivious as if in an enchanted slumber. For Mörner, the image represents the ultimate relaxation and harmony, lost in the moment to nature


when my dad was in college he had a friend who told a girl he’d take her on a date unlike any other she’d ever been on and so he took her to the supermarket to watch the lobsters fighting in the lobster tank

they’re married now

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Harry Styles attends the Fudge Urban Lou Teasdale Book Launch party on March 25th, 2014 in London, United Kingdom.

twenty one pilots at the mtv movie awards 2014
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